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    Hey Everyone, I finally removed the diode and got the car tuned. I had one of the guys from DoTuning plug in and build one out. Car has been running pretty damn good. O0 However, tonight out on the highway there was these guys in a new Dodge Dart pushing me to go for it. So I take the bait and...
  2. MKV GTI
    So I have on '07, APR stage 1. I have had a CEL for an underboost code for a while now but the car has never gone into limp mode. Out of curiosity, I installed a boost gauge to see exactly how low I am and I max out at around 10 psi. I'm not hearing any weird sounds or anything, and the car...
    First off I drive a 02 gti 1.8t. The problem is that my car would push and hold 18psi, but now all of the sudden without me changing anything, the car will boost up to 20 and maybe over, my gage only goes it 20. but as soon as it hits 20 the car goes to limp mode and hold 5psi, untill i release...
1-3 of 3 Results