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    Hi Guys, I have read in a lot of places that upgrading to a forge diverter valve is recommended when upping the power. I have approx 215 hp in my Mk 4 but still have the stock Bosch. What does upgrading to the forge do?
    I've been hearing that a blow off valve for the 1.8's will ruin the turbo life but I'm not sure. Ive heard a ton about the R1 Apr diverter valve and am wondering if that would be the better route rather than a blow off valve. Thanks [hail vw]
  3. MKV GTI
    I HAVE A VW GTI 08/MK5 So far all i have in it is a K & N intake and a PCD chip. i want something else something with performance but not so expensive. if anyone could tell me a good way to start with making this car better then it already is, i would really appreciate it. Thank You, ThatFlyyGti
    Anyone have these? Reviews on them?
    two things here that i would like some input on: 1) does anybody in the LA area know how to change the boost on a 2002 1.8T gti?i would like to make it faster but i don't know how to change it myself. 2) i want to get either a blowoff valve or a diverter. What are the differences between the...
  6. VW GTI MKV Vs. Honda Civic Si
    06 mkv gti fsi. only mod is a neuspeed intake. at about 2200 rpm my boost drops off quite a bit, then at about 2400 rpm it comes back < that is steady and happens about 90% of the time when giving a little gas. also randomly i will hear woosh noises while building boost, and when that happens i...
  7. MKV GTI
    Hey guys, I wanna install a blow-off valve on my automatic, 2.0t, 07 GTI, but i don't know which one to buy, preferably one which won't make my fuel run rich. Thanks for your help
    I have a vr6 mk4 with a vf egineering sc kit. Its the v-9 F trim supercharger. I have problems with the seal in the sc i believe. Also i wanted to know wether to get a blow off valve or diverter valve for this set up. Please let me know what you think would be the best....
  9. MKV GTI
    Lotta confusion over this :/ Looking to put a bov in but.... where? I know I need some type of pipe or adapter or something but don't know exactly what it is or where to get it. and I've seen like 4 different locations for installation. I saw a video of an mkv with the same bov that I bought and...
  10. MKIV GTI
    I have an immense amount of turbo flutter and backspin on my turbo. I heard putting a BOV on decreases the amount of air flow back into the turbo (which is what creates turbo flutter). Correct me if i'm wrong. Although, looking around on other forum sites some say that you wouldn't be able to...
  11. MKV GTI
    hey guys, Has anyone upgraded their blow of valve on their turbo to an after market one? I heard that the stock valves with a ECU tune can get damaged pretty quickly. Also heard that with a after market one when you switch gears you will start with more boost.
  12. MKIV GTI
    alright, so what i want to know is, can i just drop in a good blow off valve to get the sound of a high end turbo? if not, what is the cheapest way to get this effect? hopefully without upgrading the snail cause i dnt have 1k for it >.< thx XD[hail vw]
1-12 of 12 Results