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  1. MKV GTI
    Im sure this has been posted a whole bunch of times but the only ones Ive seen were back when the Mk5s were new. I own a 2008 GTI 4door with the DSG, I love it and has served me very well. But as a college student living in the northern part of the United States I would love the AWD of the A4...
  2. R32
    Came across this listing on ebay! Great Price on a Nice set of: Volkswagen & Audi Rear Trailing Arm Spherical Bearings / Upgrade Kit. So thought I'de pass it on. Everyone's looking to save money in this economy. Volkswagen Audi Rear Trailing Arm Spherical Bearing Upgrade Kit eBay
    Fat Fives with tires, not new, but also not worn out and alil curb rash.... 570 obop picked up idk what shipping would be.. NW suburbs of chicago pics should be up soon 17x7.5 5x100 let know of interest :) trades for usefullness
  4. Da Haus (The House)
    hey everyone, so i am in the market for a car, and i was looking at the b5 s4 2.7T's, and wanted to know what you guys think of them... i herd theyre fast as hell, but may be really un reliable and im going to need a semi-reliable car for the next couple years. I dont plan on modding it out...
  5. VW GTI
    Anyone needs to vag-com there car, i have the Dual k & can usb interface . Im located in New Jersey just pm me for any info.
    New member here and have been looking into getting an mk4 and was just saw a nice 20th anniversary with what i believe to be some older audi RS-4 wheels that i like a good bit. i was hoping to see one without the 20th AE valence panels though. i would appreciate any photos. * Heres a link of...
    I am installing a K04-023 onto my 1.8t, I have everything I need except the manifold. I need a turbo manifold off the 225hp audi TT or a manifold that will fit that model tt without any modifications. P.S. I live in south Florida, and will pick it up if its not too far.
1-7 of 7 Results