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  1. VW GTI For Sale
    Up for sale is a brand new APR intercooler kit that fits a wide variety of VW vehicles including the MKV and MKVI GTI. Too many others to list. The item number is IC100012. These sell for $1,050 so even during their 10% off promotions they cost $945. My price is FIRM at $825 and that includes...
    Two years ago i went to Stage 2+ on my 2013 GTI and i had a lot of fun, but, as we all know, power comes with a price... damn CLUTCH!!! The fact that i was not driving like i just stole the car, and was able to down shift and match the rev, i was able to save that OEM clutch. Even the guys at...
  3. VW GTI
    OK, so here's my question, and I'm hoping someone will know if this is possible. I have 2 good ecu's. One is a 06A906032LP with a APR Stage1 Chip (manual ecu) and the other is a 06A906032HF Stock (5 Speed automatic with tiptronic ecu). Can I de-solder the APR chip and re-solder it into the...
    So recently i've noticed that my car no longer has my APR tune. I only noticed it when i was tried to change the Program and I couldn't. I also tried doing my unlock code and that didn't do anything either. And the only place my car has been for the past few months has been to the same guy I...
    I am thinking about chipping my car with a stage 2+ apr tune. But i do no know if its the best out there for the price. If someone knows lots about tune, i would greatly appreciate it if someone gave me some advice. Thanks!
  6. VW GTI For Sale
    Brand new, never used, in the box VWR sport springs by APR for MK5/MK6 GTI/GOLF. Any questions/offers feel free to pm me. asking $250 obo
    Does anyone on this forum have a CTS turbo CAI? I was originally going to buy the APR CAI but the mechanic from my tuning shop recommended the CTS turbo one, he says it performs better than the APR one and its only $299 vs $375. Opinions?
    2002 Volkswagen GTI 337 Limited Edition (1/1750 ever produced) 1.8 Liter Turbocharged Transverse 4 Cylinder Engine; Code "AWP" Miles: 157,000 Always kept up on all of my maintenance every 3,000 miles or sooner with full synthetic fluids, all per factory specification. Tires low on both sets...
  9. MKV GTI
    I was told it'd be a decent idea to call the major tuning companies and ask them if my car had been tuned. 1st call, apr. The guy on the phone says yep, its been tuned. I ask "What tune does it have?" and he goes on to say he doesn't have that information available, all he could say was that...
  10. MKV GTI
    Hey all! How are you doing today? I've got a problem figuring this out... I bought my MKV a month ago. I bought it with mods, but I don't know what they are. I can tell its been lowered, but I don't know if the shock/struts are stock and just dampened. I can tell you my tires are scalloped...
  11. MKV GTI
    Hello everybody, this is my first time ever using a forum so bare with me! I recently purchased the new APR RSC Cat-back and installed it yesterday. I love the sound of it except it is not much louder than stock. Any suggestions as to how to keep the same tone but make it louder?
  12. MKVI GTI
    Event Details What. H2O International When Saturday September 29, 2012 - Monday October 01, 2012 Where Fort Whaley 11224 Dale Road Whaleyville, MD 21872 Description APR is proud to be the title sponsor of H2O International on September 29th and 30th, 2012 outside of Ocean City, MD at...
  13. MKVI GTI
    I have 400 miles on my MK6 and am looking to do some basics ... APR intake and a tune are first things i think .... any suggestions??? PLEASE COMMENT ON MY BUILD Check out www.MulhollandAutoClub.Com
    Hey guys, I am selling my APR turboback exhaust. I am asking 800 OBO, brand new they go for 1500! Exhaust is new with less than 2k miles on it, no blemishes, or scratches of any kind. Hit me up!
  15. MKIV GTI
    I am really thinking about saving up for the k04 because i'm pretty sure my turbo is on its way out. Right now i have the APR stage 1, its definetly a lot more powerful than stock, but the only thing is that the powerband is really smooth. It doesn't push you back in your seat as much as you'd...
  16. MKIV GTI
    I'm just wondering what is the max boost pressure for this program? I know its best if i get a boost gauge on my car, its comming soon. But right now I need to check for boost leaks and I need to know what to set my compressor to. Thanks!
  17. MKVI GTI
    i just did the APR stage 1, along with the torque mount. It went badly at first-the car died, and it turned out to be a dead ECU. It was probably due to VW of Santa Monica not reinstalling properly after an update, and the shop (Euroworx) did the right thing and replaced it. Anyway, the...
    Hello, I am selling my APR stage 1 Carbino intake which has less than 100 miles on it. I have the CBFA w/ extra breather filter included. - $260 OBO, if you need it shipped (+$10) PM or email me @ [email protected] for more information, I am local in West LA.
    Helllo, I'm looking for a stage 3 FMIC...used or new..let me know what you have I have a 1.8L APR stage 3 turbo on a MK4 Gti 337
  20. MKVI GTI
    Which would you choose and why? I know of a place in North Hollywood that is a certified ABT sales partner or there are myriad of closer shops who offer the APR upgrade. Thanks.
1-20 of 44 Results