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  1. VW GTI For Sale
    Hi everyone, I loooove my car but I'm moving to Australia so I need to find someone who wants to take my lease. There's 25 months left... I took a demo so she's only 535$/month tax incl.!!!!! At the end the buyback is 14 700$. The car is now 60 000km, so 20 000km/year left... She's fulllll -...
  2. VW GTI MKV Vs. THE COMPETITION (general discussion
    On my way to the gym today, I was driving on the highway and pulled up to a Mini Cooper S, it was definitely modded(intake and a catback exhaust at least from what I could see). Went from 60 to 110 mph and pulled about 2 car lengths ahead of him. I would have questioned if he was actually racing...
1-2 of 2 Results