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    Is anyone out there able to confirm this rumor??? it seems like some VW service shops will offer APR upgrades. The great thing i heard about it was that if you install it with VW service you will not void your warranty like in many aftermarket installs. Haven't heard about what kind of mods...
  2. VW GTI
    I know about water fest and im assuming this is the same thing just sponsered by APR , anyone going ? I'm sure someone on this forum or vortex is in the video Got no clue where it is but I'm sure its far from me lol
  3. MKVI GTI vs. ?
    as claimed by the Mustang GT owner , he had full bolts on roll 50 km/h he jumped first obviously but the result is still the same xD Enjoy .. Notice : considering comments from other forums the mustang may not be full bolts on.
1-3 of 3 Results