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    Okay, so I went out to my car to read the Owners Manual and played around with the exterior lights a little bit. When I got out of the car and pressed the lock button on the key fab the alarm did not chirp but it did lock and set off the flashing red alarm light. What's weird is all of the...
    Hi everyone! I have a 2005 GTI that has an issue unlocking/locking. The remote key I have will not lock or unlock the car, but the car will lock when I put it into gear and drive. The DS door will also unlock when I open the door from the inside, but I have yet to lock it since I can only get...
  3. MKV GTI
    Simply silly question that bugs me. When my car is locked, if I walk up to the GTI with my flip key, I can pull open the door and set the alarm off. When my car is locked, why on earth should I be able to open it and set the alarm off? Seems like it should let me unlock the car like normal...
    Got my car washed today and when I went to move my car and lock the doors the alarm wouldn't sound -_- It worked this morning and last night! Fuse or what? ???
    hey guys im having alarm problems such as my drivers side door doesnt lock when i press unlock and now my key doesnt unlock the car itself so it doesnt disable the alarm even when i manually unlock. should i reset my ecu?
1-5 of 5 Results