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    I am considering making a full custom dash from fiberglass but i am worried about the airbag destroying the whole dash any ideas how to make the split so it don't blow fiberglass all over the passanger? [help]
  2. MKV GTI
    I am looking at putting my GTI on bags. I'd like to hide all of the tanks and gizmos where my spare goes and then have my switches in the middle compartment or something. Anyone on bags? Tips? Advice? Regret? Turtles?
    First off i have a 2002 VW GTi 1.8T. The first problem is that both of my front turn signals do not work, yet if I hit the headlights in the right area they work for a bit until i hit a bump or something. Would it be a problem with the headlights themselves or a problem with the wiring. The...
1-3 of 3 Results