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    BASE ROOF RACK Prefer used, would be great if it came with a wind fairing EXHUAST Turbo back AIR INTAKE All kinds BOOST GAUGE One that matched the red and indigo dash MAYBE A SET OF TIRES AND WHEELS IF PRICE IS RIGHT
    Hi, I have a 2010 GTI and I want to gain some horse power and/or torque. I was thinking of the K&N cold intake system or an exhaust system however I only want to spend $200-300. Any suggestions? Also, what are the specifications of the exhaust systems that would fit with my GTI?
    I own a 1998 GTI non-turbo, I am looking to put a stage 1 air intake in it and a new exhaust system into it any ideas on parts or where I could find them for a decent price also brand suggestions. I am new to modding my GTI so I really am just looking for advice on it I have looked around on...
  4. MKV GTI
    Hi, I have an 09 MKV GTI and the guy i bought it from put a K&N intake in it. i have the original intake and have replaced it, but still have a question: Does just having the intake increase my car performance even though i haven't modified the the fuel/air ratio?
    Recently I purchased a Neuspeed P-flo air intake, i installed it simply on my mkv1 yesterday and everything looks and sounds grreat. The only problem is when i get in and turn on the car, the check engine light turns on and wont turn off. i need to know what the possible problems could be. Any...
1-5 of 5 Results