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    I was wondering if anyone knew why the rpms in my '13 GTi lowered so slowly? Whenever i push in the clutch to shift to a higher gear, the rpms don't lower for atleast two seconds and it does this slight bump feeling when i let go of the clutch. I've only had the car for about a month and i'm...
    Just wanted to make a thread to show and track my new GTI's, Scarlett, progress. Also to have one thread where I ask questions and learn everything I can about my new GTI. First question, when I pop the hood, in the upper left corner of the engine bay, there's a fluid container that contains...
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    Everyone has their own method to madness for prepping your GTI if your drive it over the winter. So post up what you've done to get into 'winter mode'. Also, post up pics of your ride in the snow, and tips and tricks for slippery situations or anything GTI+Winter. Please leave alternate winter...
1-3 of 3 Results