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  1. VW GTI
    Everyone has their own method to madness for prepping your GTI if your drive it over the winter. So post up what you've done to get into 'winter mode'. Also, post up pics of your ride in the snow, and tips and tricks for slippery situations or anything GTI+Winter. Please leave alternate winter...
  2. VW GTI Problems / Complaints
    I got my GTI in February and around mid-July the 'check tires' light came on. Filled the tires, reset using the button in the glove box, no problem. A week later, the 'check tires' light came on again. Checked the tires, discovered the psi was a little too high, let some air out, reset using the...
    Looking to sell my 2012 gti wheels only 300 miles on them in perfect condition... name a good price
    i just picked up my 2012 4dr GTI 6M yesterday. no mod plans yet i want to get that 3 month checkup before i toy with anything. just wanted to say hi.
    So I just put a deposit down on a 2012 CW 2dr 6mt in LA. I am moving there in a couple weeks and need a car asap. I took this as an opportunity to put some awesome in my life! Im pumped. That being said I have a couple of newbie questions... Dealer, who I have dealt with all summer in hopes of...
1-5 of 5 Results