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  1. 1.8 / 1.8T Engines
    I'm posting this for my boyfriend because his computer is broken and his GTI needs some help! So here's what is going on... His 2002 GTI 1.8T has a blue cloud of smoke that comes out of the exhaust while the car is driving but only when the car is in boost/high RPMs. There is no smoke when the...
    I found a set of wheels for a good price and they are 18x8.5 witch will fit but the bolt pattern is wrong but he also has spacers/adapters that are 1 inch wide would they even fit? can i get smaller spacers/adapters that will make them fit? please help i need to know soon so i can make a move on...
    MAKE ME AN OFFER ON THESE!!!! i have a stock dual mass flywheel and pressure plate for an mk4 vr6 24v. im not sure what other car is compatible. they are in perfect shape. flywheel $250obo and pressure plate $250 obo. if you want both $450 obo also have a light weight flywheel for an mk4...
1-3 of 3 Results