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    '01 12v vr6 with 166k on it... drove yesterday morning to a trailhead, and the car was driving fine. Parked, rode, then started the car back up and it sounded kinda like a diesel... idle was rough, motor shaking on the mounts and revving sounded bad. To me, it feels like it's running on 5cyl...
  2. VR6 / V6 24V Engines
    ok so i have been researching this over the past couple days and i havent been able to come to any valid conclusions. is power gained by the ECS 12v vr6 2 pulleys equal to the power gain from neuspeeds 3 pulleys? because the 3 piece neuspeed kit costs alot of money and the 2 piece ecs kit is...
  3. Da Haus (The House)
    I suppose it's time for me to stop using the Post Whore thread for build updates on my Corrado so here we go! This is the car when I first brought it home: Shortly after I lowered it: Then I got bored and started to polish my intake manifold: And the close to finished product...
1-3 of 3 Results